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10% Off! Chimney Chase Covers

At Rockford Chimney Supply, our specialty is chimney liners, chimney caps, chase covers, wood burning stoves and inserts, and much more for the do-it-yourself homeowner to install and save money on chimney repairs. If we don’t stock it, we can build it with our complete custom fabrication shop dedicated to custom flue components. We provide complete instructions and our Certified Chimney Technicians are happy to answer any questions that arise. We want to earn your business, please keep us in mind for all of your chimney supply needs!

For wood, pellet, gas, oil and coal burning appliances. Rock-Flex chimney liners are fabricated with the highest quality stainless steel, UL 1777 tested and listed, air and water tight, and provide the best flexibility and strength to contain moisture and flue gases. Flexible chimney liners are only to be installed inside a masonry chimney.

Rigid Liners

Stainless steel rigid chimney pipe is offered in two stainless steel grades: 304L and 316L. 304L is used for wood burning applications. 316L is multi-fuel used for gas, oil, wood, corn, coal, and pellet, just to name a few. Both grades of stainless steel rigid pipe are 24 gauge. One end is expanded for better flow and easy pipe to pipe connection. All seams are laser welded, so gases and moisture stays inside and the pipes stays perfectly round. The interior of the pipe is smooth, giving you a 20% better draft for gas burning appliances and a 15% better draft for oil appliances. All stainless rigid pipes are U…

Gas Liners

AL29-4C flexible stainelss steel liner kits are specified for use in high efficiency furnace and venting designs (typically 86% or greater efficiency). AL29-4C is a stainless steel alloy designed for extreme resistance to corrosion which makes it an ideal choice for venting high efficiency furnaces and boilers, corn, oil, and gas burning appliances.


Photo of new asphalt shingles on a two story home. Blue sky and clouds are in the background.